Land Clearing + Earthwork

At James White Construction, land clearing and earthwork are approached with care and also given the time they require so that we can review every detail. Whether you're laying the foundation for a new facility or expanding an existing one, our mindset is centered around precision, efficiency, and most importantly, partnerships. Navigating complex excavation projects, regardless of their scope or size, is made easier with our technological solutions, skilled team, and thorough planning.

Your Blueprint, Our Expertise

Every project starts with an idea and a blueprint. With a focus on partnerships, we work collaboratively with your team, bringing that vision into existence as quickly and efficiently as we can. Whether it's preparing the land for a warehouse building or executing intricate soil correction tasks, our comprehensive excavation plans are always tailored to meet our customer’s specific needs.

We're grateful for our partnership with your team and look forward to working together next year.

Brian Keels, PE
Carolina Park Development LLC

Land Clearing + Earthwork Analysis

Whether you're at the conceptual, rough grading, preliminary, or final site plan stage, we will collaborate with you right down to the last grain of soil.

Our comprehensive approach doesn't stop at calculating cut and fill volumes. We dig deeper (yes, we said it) to categorize soil types, site usage areas, and even the smaller elements like parking and landscaping. Because every detail counts.

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

With 3D views and profiles provided to you, you'll receive a clear understanding of existing and proposed grades, as well as substrate layers like rock and clay.

The Art of Balance

Balanced site elevations often save projects time and money. We calculate variations for raising or lowering specific parts of a site to ensure we’re moving the least amount of earth, keeping your costs as low as possible.

Even more impressive than using heavy machinery to move earth, we’re doing it with GPS-controlled precision that's accurate down to the hundredth of an inch. We’re using the kind of tech on our equipment that makes that possible. And, we’re also working with third-party teams to ensure we stay current as new tech is released.

One of the cornerstones of our services is cost-efficiency. Leveraging advanced terrain modeling software, we not only predict but engineer savings into your project. It's never about cutting corners at JWC in order to win a project. It’s never about omitting a line item knowing we’ll have to add it in later as a change order. It is always about crafting the most accurate and efficient route to success without sacrificing quality.

Our staged delivery process is tested, designed and proven for speed without compromising on accuracy. It ensures that every phase of the excavation and site development proceeds according to plan, meeting even the most stringent deadlines.

We hold safety in the highest regard. We're committed to ensuring that every square inch of your site is as safe as it is accurate. Every procedure, every piece of equipment, and every decision we make is aligned with maintaining a safe and secure work environment.

A Suite of Land Clearing + Earthwork Services

When it comes to earthwork, we're specialists offering several services to our customers:

  • Land Clearing: Making way for progress, responsibly.
  • Mass Grading: Laying the groundwork for architectural marvels.
  • Site Development: From concept to concrete.
  • Soil Correction: Because even the earth needs a little adjusting.
  • Environmental Remediation: For a greener tomorrow.
  • Finish Grading: The final touches that make all the difference.
  • Drainage Systems: Ensuring your site stands the test of time.
  • Ponds: More than aesthetics, it's about ecosystem balance.
  • GPS-Controlled Site Grading and Drainage Design: Slopes and drains are more than just features; they're vital components of your site. And we plan them with precision.