Decades of Reliable Sitework Construction

At James White Construction, our collective hands have helped shape the tri-county landscape since 1981. We’ve been part of transforming raw land into infrastructure where remarkable buildings now stand. We know that the strength of every building begins with strong relationships. From land clearing to soil stabilization, and from intricate road construction to innovative storm drainage solutions, our team has mastered the art of teamwork and site preparation. With a commitment to doing what we say we’re going to do, to quality, and to safety, we are trusted partners through all phases of sitework construction. We like to think we’re building trust as much as we’re building infrastructure.  

With a relentless commitment to doing what we say we’re going to do, to quality, and safety —
we are trusted partners through all phases of sitework construction.

Getting the Lay of the Land

Before construction begins, our in-house surveying team identifies project boundaries, elevations, and contours. This ensures that the final construction maximizes the property's potential, adheres to legal requirements, and avoids costly errors. Land surveying helps the team to make informed decisions, efficiently plan and complete a successful project, while safeguarding investments and visions.

Preparing the Foundation

As the first step in our sitework construction process, we offer total land clearing services. This includes the removal of trees, stumps, debris, and underbrush. Our selective clearing process also allows us to retain viable trees and preserve the natural environment as required. Our experienced land excavators prepare the site according to construction specifications, ensuring a solid foundation for the next stages of development.

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Shaping the Landscape

Earthwork involves the moving, shaping, removal, processing, or import of soil to ready the site for construction. Specializing in earthwork for various building projects, we strategically stabilize and reconfigure the topography to meet the specific needs and specifications of each project.

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Ensuring Durability and Strength

In regions like Charleston, where coastal conditions can be challenging, subgrade stabilization is key. Our techniques such as compaction, dewatering, and cement addition enhance soil durability and strength. This ensures a strong foundation that will withstand the unique demands of the South Carolina environment.

Building Safe and Long-Lasting Roads

Our road construction services encompass every detail from grading to drainage to paving. Our experienced project managers oversee each phase, crafting site-specific roads that are designed to be long-lasting and safe. We adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure quality and functionality.

Managing Water Effectively

Proper storm drainage is essential for every site, especially in areas prone to heavy rains and flooding. We implement storm drainage systems that efficiently carry excess rain and groundwater away from streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and buildings. Our innovative solutions contribute to sustainable water management and reduce flood risks.

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Efficient Water Channeling

Our combined curb and gutter construction services use advanced casting methods to create both light and heavy-duty systems. These curbs and gutters effectively catch water runoff and direct it towards storm drainage, contributing to overall flood control.

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Protecting the Environment

During construction, we implement several different methods to prevent wind and water erosion on the site and adjacent areas. Our erosion control measures reduce or eliminate sediment runoff, preventing water pollution, habitat damage, and soil loss.

Worth every darn penny.

Middle Street Residential has had the unique opportunity to not only work with JWC in the role of Owner/Developer, but also work for JWC in support of their efforts as the Site Contractor. This “peak behind the curtains” allowed MSR to see that the honesty, integrity and knowledge evident in JWC’s onsite personnel stems from outstanding leadership and support from management and office staff. While some contractors use the phrase “exceeding customer expectations” as their ultimate goal, JWC uses it as a starting point to cultivate a following of loyal and appreciative customers.

Jack M. Daniels, PE
Middle Street Residential

Whether you're planning a new development, warehouse, or need other types of specialized construction services, our team is ready to deliver results that we’ll both be proud of.