Carolina Groves Amenity Center

Type of Project:


Scope of Work:

SWPPP Controls, Grading 9,680 sy, Water Services, Sewer Services, Storm Drain


Ben Barron Lane
Moncks Corner, SC


TX based land developer

General Contractor:

JWC is working directly for the developer


Thomas and Hutton

Project Overview:

Engaged in a dynamic housing development featuring over 500 homes across multiple phases, our client, a bustling development firm, faced resource constraints when presented with the opportunity to undertake a small yet intricate project— the construction of a new Amenity Center at the rear of the development. This center, pivotal for boosting new home sales, required a range of services, including site work, grading, water, sewer, and storm installation. The site, already in various stages of production, demanded careful coordination with multiple contractors and adherence to a stringent schedule.

Tasked with a 2-acre site that already featured a parking lot, curb, and asphalt binder, JWC’s initial steps involved verifying the original site work contractor’s surveying and soil quality. Navigating the challenges posed by the rainy season, we cut over 2 feet of usable soil from the site, exporting excess dirt to other areas within the residential development. Mucking and backfilling were conducted under two new amenity center building pads per geotech direction to establish stable foundations. The installation of water services, sewer services, and a stormwater system was also a critical part of our responsibilities. Throughout the project, JWC fine-graded the 2 acres to meet the diverse needs of other subcontractors, builders, flatwork contractors, playground installers, and the pool company.

JWC’s commitment to responding swiftly to last-minute requests was evident, particularly in addressing engineering challenges arising from multiple plan revisions. Collaborating with partner surveyors, JWC identified and promptly communicated discrepancies to the developer and engineer of record (EOR), facilitating quick adjustments to storm structure elevations and grading plans. The pressure intensified as builders showcased the amenity center to potential home buyers, and despite being off-site, JWC ensured the existing asphalt binder roadways were consistently well-maintained, enhancing the overall appeal of the project.

In summary, JWC successfully navigated the complexities of this multifaceted project, ensuring the timely completion of the Amenity Center while maintaining the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the site amidst changing conditions and demanding schedules.

Challenges & Details:

  • Heavy new residential construction in process all around the site.

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