Northpointe Commerce Park – Lot A

Type of Project:

Commercial Warehouse

Scope of Work:

SWPPP Controls, Clearing & Grubbing, Grading, 2 EA Water Main Connection For Water Mains, Fire Lines & Water Services, Sewer Connection to Existing Sewer Manhole, Sewer Main & Sewer Manholes/Service, Storm Drain, Concrete Curb & Gutter, Asphalt Signage & Striping


1014 Northpointe Industrial Road
Hanahan, SC 29410


West-Signal Industrial Property A, LLC

General Contractor:

Evans General Contractors


Thomas & Hutton

Project Overview:

Effectively managing temporary drainage throughout the project was crucial for its smooth progress. After the initial stages of clearing and grubbing, the construction and utilization of ponds, swales, and temporary ditches played a pivotal role in controlling stormwater. JWC collaborated with the Engineering and survey teams to raise the building pad grade, building a three-acre pad over four vertical feet using onsite cut and pond areas. This generated over 30,000 cubic yards of marginal fill, effectively balancing the site’s grade.

The primary objective was to make optimal use of the 12’+ deep pond excavation to minimize the costs associated with hauling large volumes of dirt offsite. Considering the impact of weather and marginal soil conditions on the construction process, JWC and the Soil Engineering team employed Chemical Soil Treatment with dry cement powder. This innovative approach expedited construction and addressed challenges related to poor and wet soil conditions. As a result, JWC completed the pad construction in less than 30 days, ahead of schedule, enabling the general contractor to commence foundation and pad work promptly.

The additional cost incurred for cement stabilization proved to be a fraction of the expense compared to exporting and importing fill material. In addition to utilizing onsite dirt for earthwork and grading, JWC took on the responsibility of installing Water, Sewer, and Storm utilities. This proactive approach allowed the general contractor sufficient time and space to concurrently coordinate additional trades, leading to the timely erection and completion of the building within the projected schedule.

In summary, the successful and timely completion of the project can be attributed to the integration of effective drainage management, strategic use of onsite materials, collaborative efforts with various teams, and the application of innovative solutions to overcome challenges in soil conditions.

Challenges & Details:

Clay soils created challenges which resulted in the use of cement stabilization of the building pad and parking lot.

Bringing two each water mains across Northpointe Industrial Road over an existing 20″ sewer force main. ** Installation required with cement flowable fill and 1-lane road closures to keep traffic flowing.

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