Underground Utilities

JWC provides underground utilities services for water, sewer, and storm. Using various types of underground utilities materials, including PVC, HDPE, ductile iron, concrete, and copper, we always follow the highest standards of quality and safety in every project we undertake.

A Commitment to Excellence in Complex Projects

Construction sites often present unpredictable challenges, from unforeseen buried obstacles to intricate placements of utility systems. At JWC, our crews have years of experience at navigating these complexities, and the “do what we say we’re going to do” attitude that are important when hiring an underground utilities service provider. Excellence is our commitment to our clients.

As part of most projects, we perform site surveys, excavation, trenching, boring, pipe laying, backfilling, grading, and testing of your underground utilities systems.

From Pre–Construction to Completion — JWC is a great partner to have in the dirt world

Josh Kaufman
Coastal Division Development Manager

Sanitary sewers are an integral component of any construction project. These enclosed, underground systems efficiently carry sewage away from both residential and industrial locations.

Water pipelines serve as the vital arteries for every community.  At James White Construction, our services span across commercial, industrial, institutional, and municipal sectors, ensuring comprehensive planning and expert implementation for water installation systems.

Force Mains come into play when gravity alone cannot do the job. These pressurized sewer pipes use pumps or compressors to propel wastewater from lower to higher elevations, or across terrains where traditional excavation is impractical. It's the practical solution to a challenging problem, combining efficiency with effectiveness.